One of the increasingly important roles of technology professionals around the world is to be effective liaisons between the various different disciplines, cultures and personalities in the organisation.  With strong communication, extrospective skills and patience, technology professionals increase in their effectiveness and become a valuable bridge between sometimes increasingly siloed departments.  With my combined experience in technology, education and the business world, I am able to synthesize the benefits of these disciplines and strengthen communication between the different departments involved in IT.

In education, there are many application of this I have seen.  Teachers often have wonderful pedagogical goals that they struggle to explain with enough technical specificity and educational simplicity when talking to the IT department.  Likewise, IT departments are renowned for overly technical explanations that obscure the real issues while implementing educational goals with imposed technical constraints.  Both of these situations benefit from a “disciplinary translator” that can clarify and contextualise communication on both sides while ensuring the critical objectives are still met, technical constraints are overcome and training is provided where necessary.

In business we see many of the same issues observed in education except usually neither the IT department nor the other departments have any teaching or educational background.  As a result, there can be even more disconnect between departments as miscommunication, frustration and blame replace communication, teamwork and solution orientation.  A technological liaison with an educational background can often help an organisation take big steps towards bridging this divide.

Because of the central roll technology plays in almost every organisation, educational or otherwise, most organisations could benefit from more collaborative teamwork facilitated by qualified technical liaisons who help keep peace, teamwork, and solution orientation at the forefront of your organisation.  Please contact me to explore how I could help your organisation.



Nathan Still



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